Heritage School Jammu

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An Institution is not just about bricks, mortar & concrete, but about building character, enriching minds & experiences that last a lifetime.

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Freedom of Enactment !! School Amphitheatre.. one place , where you get to experience and touch the boundaries of the world.

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Rhythmic translation of feelings !! Dance, the right vehicle to give wheels to many talents, because it is not mere translation of life..it is life itself

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Opening doors to let the future in !! Abilities, Attitudes & Aptitudes gel together to explore & invent.

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Dreams Unlimited !! Hands may be small but they are confident to pursue the direction of their dreams.

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Behold! The eyes brimming with confidence to build a strong foundation and to scale new  heights for a prosperous  future.

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Class I to X
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Class I to X


The curriculum prepares for an active but value based participation in the world tomorrow , without undermining the Paradigm shift of the parameters of sucess in the 21st century

It is an Interactive curriculum designed in participatory modules : that leaves the child discover the ways and means : to learn ; to appreciate ; to reason ; to experience ; to enjoy & to validate.

The School aims at integrating a strong Academic program with faculty supplemented by planned games and sports and value added co - scholastic cum field activities to otpimze child learning and compliments all round development.

The School Curriculum is based on the concept of Every Child Counts .No one is dubbed as poor or weak.

Late Shrimati Dhanwanti Devi sowed the seed of education that has seen many a family rise in stature and spirit in a short period of a few decades in pre - partition days . It is this spirit " Progress with education and traditional values " that Heritage School proposes to impart to its students.

Thus the challenge lies , firstly in infusing this institution with life and soul and secondly bringing Jammu on the International Roadmap of quality education.

With the help of Towering personalities , educators, teachers, parents & all concerned in the local society - the school will be able to achieve its rightful place in the field of education . This social interaction with the school would enrich the humble efforts put in by school authority and indicate everyone the right path needed to pursue the vision in reality

Let everyone be encouraged to teach the young that they need to know the value life on this earth.

Academic Process And Evaluation

Mode of conduct of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation for classes I to X will be carried out in accordance with the CBSE guidelines. The process will incorporate four Formative Assessments (FA-I, FA-II, FA-III and FA-IV) and two Summative Assessments (SA-I and SA-II). All FAs will comprise of hands-on activities or projects based on the content for evaluation and short paper and pen tests. Both SAs will be in the form of formal written examination. Thus the session will be divided as shown below:

For classes VI – X session comprises of

Formative Assessment –
  • Provides a platform for the active involvement of students in their own learning.
  • Recognizes the profound influence on the motivation and self esteem of student.
  • Builds on students prior knowledge.
  • Offer an opportunity to students to improve and support their peer groups and vice versa.
    The Summative Assessment
  • Carried out at the end of course of learning includes a pen paper test,
  • Looks at the past achievements, adds  procedures or tests to existing work and summarises the growth and development over a span of time.
  • Thus Evaluation in school extends to all  the areas of learners personality