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An Institution is not just about bricks, mortar & concrete, but about building character, enriching minds & experiences that last a lifetime.

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Freedom of Enactment !! School Amphitheatre.. one place , where you get to experience and touch the boundaries of the world.

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Rhythmic translation of feelings !! Dance, the right vehicle to give wheels to many talents, because it is not mere translation of life..it is life itself

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Opening doors to let the future in !! Abilities, Attitudes & Aptitudes gel together to explore & invent.

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Dreams Unlimited !! Hands may be small but they are confident to pursue the direction of their dreams.

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Behold! The eyes brimming with confidence to build a strong foundation and to scale new  heights for a prosperous  future.

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Home Academic Workshop

Heritage School Organiese A CBSE WORKSHOP ON Communication Strategies for Teachers

A two day workshop on ‘COMMUNICATION  STRATEGIES’ conducted by  resource person from Global Talent Consultants, registered with CBSE, for the Heritage school faculty ,concluded on 14th July 2015 in the school premises.

This workshop is part of the series of training programmes organized by the school management for the school faculty, to involve them in a continuous personal enrichment  and personality development programmes that would help to change and adapt themselves with the learning needs of the 21st century learners as well as  increase effectiveness and impact  of  instructional  strategies.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Girish G. Bhatia, ‘Founding partner and Certified Coach Teacher and Speaker with John Maxwell team. Florida, USA. Mr. Bhatia is trained to facilitate leadership development programme master mind sessions, group coaching and workshops.
The session started with course introduction, which was divided into various sub units followed by  group activities which helped teachers reinforce their  learning ,as well as gave them practical knowledge of implementing various strategies in classrooms. In this enriching workshop, he discussed the importance of person and personality development through self awareness and improvement of self image for effective communication in all aspects of life.

The key takeaways of the workshop were – instructional strategies for students, important class room procedures, how can teachers help students succeed creating a positive environment, using communication technology effectively and strategies to maximize effective communication with students, parents and management.
The resource person shared a lot of examples and experience with the faculty who greatly benefitted from his expertise .It was a great learning experience for them.

The Principal, Heritage School extended his gratitude to Mr. Girish G. Bhatia for his expert guidance and valuable ideas provided to the teachers.



In keeping with the tradition of continuous and comprehensive professional growth of staff in Heritage School, Jammu, two days of extensive workshops were organized in the school premises for the Co-Scholastic & Scholastic staff by educational experts Ms. Divya Kapoor (Faculty Mathematics) & Ms. Sunanda.S.Kumar (Faculty Science) from Ahlcon International School, New Delhi.

The educational experts, trained from Tata Consultancy Services during their interaction with the teachers emphasized the need to change with changing times and to evolve new planning and assessment methods and techniques in class-room teaching to cater to the requirements of 21st century students.

They discussed the importance of co-scholastic activities in developing the all round personality of the child and laid emphasis on careful planning of each activity for successful execution as well as accomplishing the desired outcome in terms of enhancing life skills.
During their communication with the academic staff, they reiterated the need for careful planning and inter disciplinary meeting to evolve a comprehensive pedagogy and to make teaching learning more effective.

The importance of a well designed question paper was highlighted and staff was effectively engaged in a range of activities to enhance their skills in setting a well balanced question paper so that it effectively assesses three domains of knowledge i.e. cognitive, affective & psycho motor.

Mrs. Vandana Jasrotia , The Headmistress, Heritage School gave the vote of thanks and assured that more such interactions and workshops will be conducted in future to enhance the teaching-learning methods of education as per the need of the hour.



A two day professional training workshop of Jolly Phonics is being organized for the first time in Jammu on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2015 for the Pre Primary and Primary staff of Heritage School Jammu by Mrs. Hema Jayant Chandra, UK’s certified and authorized Jolly Phonics trainer in India and founder director of ‘Word Masti Phonics & Grammar Institute’. She is one of the three key master trainers for Jolly Phonics in India.
Jolly Phonics is a funfilled, child centered approach to literacy for LKG & UKG levels, through synthetic teaching methods for reading and writing. It is a thorough foundation for phonics, grammar, spellings, punctuation and support training.
Jolly phonics teaches children the 42 letter sounds of the letters of English alphabet, not in the same sequence as being taught in the conventional method but in seven different groups. The children then blend the sounds together to form words. As they learn the sounds, the teacher traces the letter names and has the children trace in the air with their fingers. The training includes teaching methodologies for 42 Jolly sounds, stories and actions, letter formation, blending and segmenting, identifying sounds in words, tricky words, diagraphs, dipthongs, phonic rules, independent writings, curriculum planning, implementing, assessing and evaluating.
Children who receive instructions in Jolly Phonics before entering formal school (class 1) have proven to be far more prepared to learn reading and writing than those who have received no instruction at all.
Introduction of Jolly Phonics is an important addition to the tie-up of the Pre-Primary area of Heritage School with the Education & Health International (EHI) curriculum being adopted with effect from session 2015-16.



In Continuation with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation a workshop was organized in Heritage School by Orient Blackswan on 28th Feb. 2015. The workshop was conducted by an eminent educationist Mrs. Rohini Bhat who is M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed, and diploma in Special Education. She has been in the field of education since 20 years and has been conducting Language Training Programmes for professionals in IT, Industries and for South-East Asian students. She is a subject expert in on-line Tutoring Company. The workshop was held to incorporate the new Text books ‘Buzzword’ in the upcoming session for std. VI – VIII in order to enhance the four spheres of English language in the young learners. Teachers practiced various child-centric activities so that they could become part and parcel of the classroom teaching. The workshop was a fruitful interaction thereby learning different ways of dealing with curriculum to make teaching learning an innovative experience, hence, turning mirrors of life into windows of opportunities. At the end of workshop the Principal, Jagadish Singh Dhami of the school presented a memento to Mrs. Rohini Bhat.



Mathematics teacher training workshop was held at Heritage School, Jammu, recently. It has always been the endeavour of the school to provide avenues for enhancing professional skills of teachers, by organizing intensive workshops. Teachers learn about latest educational advancements & developments interacting with luminaries and renowned experts in their fields.
The resource person was Dr. (Professor) Gurcharan Singh Bhalla Ed. Department Columbia University, New York, USA. Mr. Bhalla has a vast experience in various fields of education because of his work as a teacher and as an administrator in India, Kuwait and the United States of America. He also has many national and international awards to his credit. He undertook a three days mathematics workshop in which he elaborated upon the contribution of India mathematicians in the field of mathematics in various eras of History. He emphasised on the use of Vedic mathematics in classrooms to enhance the computation skills of the children and also discussed ways to make mathematics a more engaging subject. Later he also interacted with the other teaching faculty and discussed ways and methods to improve and enhance academic, non-academic, extracurricular, cultural, alumni relations and other related issues and initiatives in the school.



In keeping with the tradition of continuous and comprehensive professional growth of staff in Heritage School, Jammu, an extensive workshop was organized in the school premises for the Pre-Primary staff by educational expert Mrs. Indira from Global classroom an initiative of CMS Lucknow founded by Dr. Sunita Gandhi on the basis of conscious deliberation on educational systems of 38 countries all over the world.
Among a series of other workshops during the current session in the past two months are by Mrs. Dimple Anil of TeachSity for staff of secondary as well as Primary classes, by Mrs. Niti Dhami for staff of Primary classes and by Mrs. Shehnaz Zaidi of Global classroom for secondary staff.


Heritage School Organises Capacity Building Workshop on Life Skills

A Capacity Building Workshop on Life Skills was held at Heritage School, Jammu, on 4th Oct. 14 under the aegis of CBSE. The resource person was Mrs. Dimple Anil a renowned academician of Jammu city who has an experience of 28 years in the field of education and has served in capacity of a Principal in various schools. She is presently a consultant for CBSE with TeacherSity,New Delhi.
55 teachers from the secondary wing of the school attended this very informative and interactive workshop which was conducted in two phases: Morning session from 09:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and afternoon session from 11:30 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.
Mrs. Dimple Anil discussed about the importance of empowering children by enhancing their life skills – Social, Emotional, Educational skills. She opined that in order for CCE to be implemented in its true spirit teachers have to be empowered with necessary understanding and skills to further foster these qualities in the children so that they are able to handle and face life’s challenges with more maturity and developed skills.
The Principal Heritage School expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Dimple Anil for her expert guidance and valuable ideas provided to the teachers, which he observed will go a long way enriching the life of both the teachers


Heritage School Organizes Teacher Training Workshop

A teacher training workshop was held at Heritage School, Jammu, on 29th September and 30th September, 2014. It has always been the endeavour of the school to provide avenues for enhancing professional skills of teachers, by organizing intensive workshops. Teachers learn about latest educational advancements & developments interacting with luminaries and renowned experts in their fields.
Mrs.NitiDhami , who is a seasoned educationist from Bangalore,was the resource person. She carried out a very educative and informative sessions which kept the teachers interest alive during the workshop. The workshop provided insight into various facets of student-teacher relationship which needs to be harnessed to impart effective knowledge to children in a positive and a happy environment. It emphasised on need for creativity in teaching skills so as to make learning a pleasurable experience for the children.
The workshop was an interesting mix of brain storming sessions, activities, games and drama.Teachers learnt about the various teaching and learning techniques enhancing their pedagogical skills thus enabling them to  engage with today’s generation of students more effectively, thereby, making the learning and teaching processes better in the classrooms.



Heritage School, Jammu, organised ‘Global Class-Room’ Workshop under the aegis of Global Class Room Pvt. Ltd. on 26th Aug. 2014.
Global Class Room Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2007 by Dr. Sunita Gandhi is a non- profit private organization that empowers and trains teachers with educational practices adopted from effective and successful methods being followed in almost 38 countries all over the world.
Mrs. Shahnaz Zaidi – the lead trainer of the organization accompanied by Mr. S.C. Khajuria – retired assistant commissioner KV Sangathan and Ambassador of Change (AOC) on behalf of Global Education in the state of J&K, kept almost 30 teachers from 9 schools in and around Jammu, completely captivated for 3 hours. Broader and Bolder Education, Process of Perfection, Control of Error, Immediate Feedback, Peer Checking, Filling the Gap and Closing the Loop were some of the modes of teaching process that were shared.
The schools that participated in the workshop were Heritage school (host school), B.S.F. Senior Secondary School, J.P.World, D.C.M. Public School Akhnoor, Rich Harvest School, J&K Police Public School, K.C. Gurukul, Jammu Sanskriti and Banyan International School.
Mr. Jagadish Singh Dhami, Principal Heritage School, Jammu, gave the vote of thanks and expressed hope that more such interaction and workshops are conducted in future to enhance the teaching-learning methods of education as per the need of the hour.