Heritage School Jammu

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An Institution is not just about bricks, mortar & concrete, but about building character, enriching minds & experiences that last a lifetime.

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Freedom of Enactment !! School Amphitheatre.. one place , where you get to experience and touch the boundaries of the world.

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Rhythmic translation of feelings !! Dance, the right vehicle to give wheels to many talents, because it is not mere translation of life..it is life itself

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Opening doors to let the future in !! Abilities, Attitudes & Aptitudes gel together to explore & invent.

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Dreams Unlimited !! Hands may be small but they are confident to pursue the direction of their dreams.

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Behold! The eyes brimming with confidence to build a strong foundation and to scale new  heights for a prosperous  future.

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Gummy Bears

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfil their potential. A child’s experience in the Early Years has a major impact on their future life chances and values. A secure, safe and happy childhood helps to provide the foundation for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up. Gummy Bears World caters to child’s basic education in a very exclusive manner this world is complemented with liveliness of joy and personal attention in an embellished environment. Maximum exposure is channelized through play-way method where teachers enchant the innocent mind in the hub of variety of activities and spare no effort to see that learning happens naturally while each child remain engaged in a dynamic canvas of creativity. They are encouraged to be independent to give them a boost in their self confidence.

The Heritage School, works in an endeavour to bring the most modern and child-centric approaches in the field of learn and teaching processes, thereby helping children to develop well-rounded personalities. The EHI research shows that when all the 4 skill areas language, cognitive, motor and social- are worked on simultaneously after they turn three, then those children achieve the best results at the end of the Foundation Stage and are better placed to start Class 1.

Every effort is appreciated more than the result to give them a feeling of achievement.

Language Skill

¤ The School empowers the child with vocabulary through Jolly Phonics which helps a child to develop their spoken, listening, written and narrative skill.

Cognitive Skill

¤ Focuses on the child’s skills of memory and observation, problem solving, logical thinking, developing and scientific attitude and sense of curiosity.

Social Skill

¤ Apart from inculcating good behaviour and manners. The school imparts to the child qualities like sharing, caring, independence, leadership, responsibility and confidence.

• Personal Interaction in peer group
(For eg. Show N Tell Circle Time, Public Speaking)
• Behaviour as an individual
(Sharing lunch, helping others)