Computer Lab

Globalized world has flattened the earth. It has become a networked hub & certainly the fever of smart classes and IT oriented education programmes have touched this part of the country as well. Time and again the computer specialists are found to be in frenzied activities, trying their best to quench the thirst of young IT aspirants.

Science Labs

Intensity to understand the cause and effect of any happening related to science is impossible without the child's mind being trained in such an environment. This obviously clarifies the sheer necessity of the science lab and its key role in the evolving science curriculum format of the institution.

Maths Labs

Logic and sequential thinking also demands space and environment where vision and necessary steps pertaining to any mathematical fundamentals are creatively synergized. Maths lab orients our children in this direction.


Today shared experience through observation and application enables children to gain better insight of knowledge in terms of concepts, definitions or laws. Lab work also ensures confidence in the child that propels him / her to seek further information and new insight. The school curriculum blends activities with variety of learning parameters and enables the above to happen in the EVS lab.