Heritage School Jammu

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An Institution is not just about bricks, mortar & concrete, but about building character, enriching minds & experiences that last a lifetime.

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Freedom of Enactment !! School Amphitheatre.. one place , where you get to experience and touch the boundaries of the world.

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Rhythmic translation of feelings !! Dance, the right vehicle to give wheels to many talents, because it is not mere translation of life..it is life itself

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Opening doors to let the future in !! Abilities, Attitudes & Aptitudes gel together to explore & invent.

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Dreams Unlimited !! Hands may be small but they are confident to pursue the direction of their dreams.

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Behold! The eyes brimming with confidence to build a strong foundation and to scale new  heights for a prosperous  future.

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Student COuncil
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Council Members Session 2015-2016

Council Members Session 2015-2016

Head Boy                                                         Tripathi
Head Girl                                                         Rhythm Babbar
Vice Head Boy                                                 Pritpal Singh
Vice Head Girl                                                 Tanvi Raina
Sports Captain                                                 Nirbhayjeet Singh
Cultural Activities                                           Harmeet Kour
House Prefects                                                Ayushi Parmar
Vice Prefects                                                   Shauryankar
House Prefects                                                Tushar
Vice Prefects                                                   Ashutosh Kohli
House Prefects                                                Rapil
Vice Prefects                                                   Deldan Angmo
House Prefects                                                Shivam Jain
Vice Prefects                                                   Kartik Tripathi

Junior Council Members Session 2015-2016


Junior school prefects
Asbah  Alam Buch
Simridhi Singh  
House prefects
Tradition house
Preesha Singh
Ayush Kher
Culture house
Divyanshi Singh
Aarush Gupta
Dignity House
Saanvi Kapoor
Reyan Taj
Legacy House
Aayati Mahajan
Himank Nayyer

Council Members Session 2014-2015

Head Boy Nav Mahajan  - XII
Head Girl  Sanna Mahajan – XII
Vice – Head Boy Manik Tripathi – XI
Vice – Head Girl Rythm Babbar – XI
Sports Captain Shauryakant  - XI
Captain Cultural Activities Urvashi Jain – XI
House Prefect    Manik Kaur – XI
Vice –House Prefect Rupanshu Soi - X
House Prefect     Sumaira - XI
Vice –House Prefect  Tanvi Raina - X
House Prefect  Vagisha Mankotia - XI
Vice –House Prefect  Pritika Singh – X
House Prefect   Ritvik Puri - XI
Vice –House Prefect  Shreya Sharma - X


Investiture Cermony: - 13th May 2013

4TH Student Council

Head boy : Pranav Sharma
Head Girl : Mahima Sagar

Vice-Head boy : Pranshu Kabra
Vice-Head Girl : Sanna Gandotra

Sports Captian : Sarwat Javed
Cultural Captian : Shreya Sharma

Dignity House
Jatin Singh : Prefect
Manik Tripathi : Vice-Prefect

Legacy House
Sikander Hayat : Prefect
Jatin Pal : Vice-Prefect

Tradition House
Satyam Gupta : Prefect
manav Deep : Vice-Prefect

Culture House
Raghu Kapoor : Prefect
Usman Hafiz : Vice-Prefect

Ishaan Singh (XII) Head boy
Mitali (XII) Head Girl

Aadit Samnotra (XI) Captain Cultural Activities
Gaurav Chatta ( XI ) Sports Captain.

Dignity House
Pranav (XI) Prefect
Tanjot Kour (X) Vice-Prefect

Legacy House
Karandeep (XI) Prefect
Sanna Gandotra (X) Vice-Prefect

Tradition House
Uttkarsh Mahajan (XI) Prefect
Nazan (X) Vice-Prefect

Riya Arora (XI) Prefect
Nav Mahajan (X) Vice-Prefect

House System

There are four houses in the school namely Dignity, Legacy, Tradition & Culture. House system in the school opens cultural and sports ventures for the students.

Every student, on admission, is placed in one of these houses. Points are awarded to students for activities and games, inter house competitions and attendance. At the end of the year, the best house gets the Governors trophy. Individual excellence in terms of performance is also acknowledged & awarded.

Dignity House
Legacy House
Tradition House
Culture House

The student council constitutes of Prefects who are bonafied House Representatives. They constitute a very important aspect of our student leadership programme. The members of the student council are elected through secret ballot where in students from class 9th onwards cast their votes. The students who gets the maximum votes is elected for the post.


Council Members Session 2010-2011

The student council members comprising
Abrar Zain, the Head Boy;
Riva Singh Sahni, the Head Girl;
Keshav Vashist. the Deputy Head Boy ;
Shivangi Mahajan, the Deputy Head Girl;
Ayush Aswal, Captain Sports and
Aadit Samnotra, Captain Culture  Activities